Keep rocking the system #3 +CD

Keep rocking the System #3 - The big Smart Violence Special

Here you can get the third issue of our magazine. Göring grills Broschi about the new Smart Violence album "The Last of His Kind". The second interview is with Dieter Riefling, especially about his early years in Lower Saxony and the Ruhr area. Even if parts of the scene scream how this can still be skinhead relevant - it is skinhead relevant! And when the other side from the political structures say: "Oh dear, that's a badass again," then be assured that sometimes the boys with short hair are better on their toes than many great thinkers when it comes to preliminary research. Both interviews are extremely long and, above all, worth reading. There are also travel and concert reports and the SV discography.

You will also receive a free CD with a sample of the current Smart Violence album and an exclusive track in which Smart Violence asks the singer of the Oi! band "Skinfront" to do a duet. If that's not enough, then the 12 songs "Live in Croatia" by SV are the last straw. These were realized by the band themselves as a gift to all of the group's fans and are intended as a big thank you for the last ten years. If that's not "from the scene for the scene", then your favorite skinhead label doesn't know what to do next...

Buy this magazine and keep skinhead culture alive...

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