Keep rocking the system #2 +CD

Released on Oldschool Records! Our magazine is going into the second round. Stormtrupp will be there to answer a detailed interview about their soon-to-be-released album. It continues after the German 80s cult band, with the guys from Fraction from France. They answer questions about their new album, which was released on the Martel En Tête label. It would also be worth mentioning that Maik von Freilichfrei has a lot to say about the tumult that his last record caused and also announcing his new album. Skirmishes conclude with a short interview. There are also concert reports, letters to the editor, book reviews and daily thoughts from our teams.

The magazine comes with a promo CD. A single version and a song from the upcoming Sturmtrupp album “Treffen in Walhalla” are offered. Bag it up and get ready for new music from Sturmtrupp... Patriot since '88. ;-)

Language: German

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