Best of Panzerfaust Records

A wonderful mix of bands from Americas biggest whitepower record company. Performing are Youngland, Aggressive Force, Bully Boys, Battlefront, Stonehammer, Dying Breed, Extreme Hatred, Plunder & Pillage, Patriotic Front, White Wash, Vinland Warriors, Griffin and Brutal Attack.

A good mix in other words. The record gives you a good insight on how the American bands sounded like in the beginning of 2000...


1. Youngland: It's Our Time
2. Aggressive Force: The Captain
3. Bully Boys: Thought Control
4. Battlefront: White Working Class Woman
5. Stonehammer: Stonehammer
6. Dying Breed: Hard Times
7. Extreme Hatred: Field Of Green
8. Plunder & Pillage: Bombs For Hollywood
9. Patriotic Front: World Under Siege
10. White Wash: Worst Friend
11. Vinland Warriors: Free Your Spirit (Mike Amann)
12. Griffin: Mr. Hangman
13. Brutal Attack: Blind Fury




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