Ultima Thule - 1458 (Digi)

When Bruno decided to leave the band in the mid-1980s did he handed over torch to Jan “Janne” Thörnblom who have kept the flame burning through both good and hard times. A couple of years ago (2015) did Ultima Thule announce that the album "Trägen vinner" will be their last recording and that the 2-days long release party will be their last gig before they put the band name to sleep.  This leaved many swedes with some sort of empty feeling a feeling that would not be long-lived. Instead of putting down the band, Janne returned the torch to Bruno and with this the circle was closed.

The lads have gone back to their roots, catchy vikingrock tunes with very well written lyrics. Just the way it should be!

The kings of vikingrock is back!

1. 613
2. Den höges visdom
3. Skaka åldrig hand
4. Håtuna svek
5. Trollpolska
6. 1458 (Klagosång)
7. Marnätter
8. Gator i brand
9. Nya eran
10. En sista sång

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