Lilou & John - 13

Lilou & John is an alternative indie rock duo from Borås, Sweden, with provocative lyrics and a dark, edgy northern female voice. They fuse the sounds of alt-rock, pop, electronica, ethno-folk, punk and metal to create a sound they describe as “helter skelter” or “valkyrie rock”. Different genres and sounds are essential to their production. The duo was created in 2015 when introspective poet and guitarplayer John Dübeck teamed up with raw divergent vocalist Lilou Dübeck.

100 faces

1. He broke my neck, Joséphine
2. Six year farewell
3. 100 faces
4. God
5. When murder victims die


6. Via dolorosa
7. The girl from Antarctica
8.  Next year in Jerusalem
9. Solferino
10. Bataclan
11. 9/11
12. Spirit of America
136. Payback day

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