Contemptuous - From the ashes 2003-2006

Sweden's Contemptuous' complete discography including their rare and very limited "For the lot of you" LP, songs of the "Brewed in Sweden" compilation, the songs from the split with Royal Stakeout (Hellsplit #2) and 3 previously unreleased tracks. Skinhead rock'n'roll / Oi! in the vain of Evil Conduct, more varied though, but the same style of catchy melodies with singalong choruses. Contemptuous was fronted by Robban, who was also the front man for The Righteous and who now plays in Agent Bulldog


01. Borders 

02. Move it 

03. Rock'n'roll romance 

04. Sick of it 

05. For the lot of you

06. Fuck your unity 

07. Work to survive 

08. Peter is on the piss 

09. Hang 'em high 

10. From 9 2 5 

11. The good times  

12. The brats 

13. A personal fuck you 

14. Nagel i ditt öga 

15. Baltzer wonderland 

16. Evicted 

17. Without a clue 

18. The skinheads are on the rampage 

19. Paragraf 13 (unofficial demo 2005) 

20. From the ashes (unofficial demo 2005).




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