Angry white men - White Anger

The year was 1993 when the Swedish band Bärsärkarna released their first single; "Framåt svenskar" on the legendary label Ragnarock Records. The year after that came the single "Ode to Ian" and their first album "Tor Hjelpe", and in this era was Bärsärkarna one of Sweden´s top bands.

The year 2021 was the year of the comeback for Bärsärkarna, but now with their new band "Angry white men". The guys have of course not been lazy during all the years but have developed musically and Angry white men are a musical upgrade.

The sound is a bit heavier, in the metal direction, but still with one foot in the classic RAC. Easy to digest, angry and simply consistent!

1. Angry white men
4. Fatherland
#. Frostbite
8. Code of Conduct
8. European white army

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