Iron woods - Ancient faith

This was actually Iron woods debut cd that was med on cdr discs which have been sold out for a long time BUT finally is the cd available again and this time with a factory made cd which contains one extra track and comes with a new fresh booklet.

Powerfull and heavy black metal tunes mixed up with melodious and almost epic tunes and on the top of that a voice that fits every "dimension" of the tracks.

If you liked thier later releases then will you surley love this! Have you never heard about the band? Then you have really missed something!


01. Ridding To The Battle (Intro)   
02. The Vengeance Of Iron   
03. Medieval Battle   
04. Immortal Wisdom   
05. Burning Times (Never Again)   
06. Pagan War   
07. In The Crimson Woods...   
08. The Voice Of The Heathen Ancestor   
09. Myth From The Mountains




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