Coup de Masse - Mourir pour vivre

French-sung Oi! from Canadas french part Montreal, possibly the best "French" band in years, with a sound inspired by the great classics from the 80's as well as having rock influences from local heroes The Troublemakers. A varied album going from hard and rough Oi! to singalong anthems, and the more melancholic "Larmes de sang" accompanied by female vocals, all with the a good production to support it. New fresh air!



1. Intro
2. Coup de masse
3. Notre monde
4. Lámour de la Oi!
5. Le navire
6. Mourir pour vivre
7. Ces années perdues
8. Glorieux combat
9. Je recouds les morceaux
10. Larme de sang
11. Cri dálerte





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