Sachsenblut - Der appell


Nice debut from this Sachsen band. With a lot of gigs in the fatherland and some tracks on compilation-cds the guys was ready for their debut CD.

It’s nice and well played melodic RAC-rock with raw vocals that you either love or hate (and we know that most of you love it) on some tracks there is two singers which makes it all a little more interesting.

12 tracks with in-your-face lyrics (on the edge for what the traitor system in Germany can take) that comes with a nice designed glossy booklet with all lyrics.


01. Intro 

02. Wir Rocken 

03. Nationaler Widerstand 

04. Der Trommler 

05. Dresden 

06. Ein neuer Tag 

07. Warum 

08. Schlacht der Germanen 

09. Wach auf 

10. Wie unsere Großväter 

11. Aufrecht voran 

12. Um die Freiheit 

13. Bonus 




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