RAC'n'Roll Teufel - Von falschen Rebellen und wack'ren Gesellen

When our friends at OPOS records released their tenth production (2010) so did they have the honour to get RAC'n'Roll Teufel die Ehre under their roof.This was said about the cd back then:

"He should be known to many through his participation in the group "White Resistance" or as a solo entertainer on many a beautiful evening. This is exactly what you get, musically there is RAC'n'Roll, which is often sent to W.R. remembers, but still has its own brand. There is also his unmistakable voice and an album is ready, which with its critical, thoughtful and politically incorrect lyrics screams for more. In the 12-page booklet you can read all the texts accompanied by suitable pictures."

01. Die Made Im Speck

02. Feindgelenkt

03. Am Abgrund

04. Deutscher Geist

05. Schwätzer

06. Auf Ewig Dein

07. Rebellion

08. Wenn Die Letzte Hoffnung Stirbt

09. Ehre Dem Arbeiter!

10. Wut Im Bauch

11. Karls Heimkehr

OPOS Records

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