Projekt 8.? - Gott mit uns

The year is 2020 and we can give you the first official and present legal release of this group. There is brisk, rousing - melodic RAC, entertaining songs that are fun and invite the listener to turn the volume fully to the right. In addition to their own 9 titles, there is also a cover version of "MPU" and one of "Uwocaust and old friends". Speaking of friends, some of the band's buddies have short guest appearances and as a bonus song there is a serenade together with the "Musigkruppe". But humor is also not neglected, because in addition to serious topics, with a dirty grin, verbal chin hooks are also distributed here and there. The modern sound, powerful and powerful produced in the "Basement Studio", arouses the desire to put this cheerful CD on a permanent loop. So what would the authorities like to say best? ACCESS!

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1. Gott mit uns

2. Deutschen schwert

3. Ewige flamme

4. Die flamme in dir....

5. Sara Woodstock

6. Sieger vs besiegte


8. Wir gegen die welt

9. Wie die fähnchen im wind

10. Restdeutschland

11. Mein weg

+ Bonus

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