NEVER SAY DIE - 2CD Digipak - Solidaritätssampler

We know the times are tough, we know that a system that has been counted is defended by its bakers even with unfair means and in which direction the so-called "democracy" is developing should not have escaped anyone. House searches, procedures and trials, especially against musical resistance, have increased massively across Europe. However, an event in the summer of 2020 broke the barrel, this was the point where the idea was born to tackle an unofficial 6th part of the "Solidarity" sampler series. This time just a little more international. Within only 7 weeks (!), Bands, individual artists and several labels from many countries came together who were ready to support their “brothers in the spirit”. There are bands such as Smart Violence, Mistreat, Heureka & Nahkampf, Carlsband, Uwocaust and HelfersHelfer, Sokyra Peruna, Battalion 500, Imperium, Gegenpol or Skrew You, to name just a few. 80% of the songs are unreleased, you can expect a double CD with 25 songs and a playing time of 84 minutes. This sampler is an impressive symbol of international solidarity!

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