Neubeginn - Vogelfrei

2013: What better way to celebrate the band's 20th anniversary than with a new album by the group Neubeginn! 11 rock songs are offered, in the familiar style. Musically you have a powerful troupe from the start, who understand their craft and lyrically they don't let anything go to waste, they point out the problems of the modern age. Friends of the group and/or the old German RAC sound will not be disappointed. 12-page booklet with all texts.

01. Neubeginn

02. Das Mädchen

03. Kleine blutige Hände

04. Vogelfrei

05. Das Kreuz im Hürthgenwald

06. Die ganze Welt sah zu

07. Gothenland

08. Wir sagen nein

09. Wahrheit

10. Hinter den Toren Walhallas

11. Faust auf den Tisch


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