Motivation - Deutschland wird frei

Once again, the guys from Handstreich have taken artist friends by the hand and locked themselves up in the rehearsal room. The result is this CD, which will make every friend of the good RAC sit up and take notice. It has become 10 songs, whereby one used cover of Störkraft and one of Nullachfünfzehn. The lyrics are good and music wise do it remind of the typical and catchy handstreich sound. Hopefully so isnt this "just" another project. We hope we will hear from this constellation.

1. Deuttschland wird frei
2. Motivation
3. Verachtung
4. All die jahre
5. Steh auf (Störkraft)
6. Trümmer
7. Ist das wirklich das ende?
8. Die pflicht
9. Unvergessen

10. Unsterblich (Nullachfünfzehn)

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