Legion of St.George - Anglo Saxon

Well, who would have thought?! The veterans of the English scene are finally hitting us with 12 new songs, proving once again that they are far from being a thing of the past. Lyrically, as always, highly political, the Anglo-Saxons make it clear that they are not willing to deviate even one step from their path! A strong statement from the band, because the thumbscrews of the system were also radically tightened on the island. Musically, the men deliver almost 50 minutes of really beautiful, classic island RAC, which comes with a lot of melody and also a small appropriate portion of heaviness. Simon's voice has certainly always been polarizing, but anyone who liked it before will really enjoy it here too. Get the full board "Legion of St. George"! - Quote label

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1. Undefeated

2. For cause and comrades

3. The agenda

4. Victim by design

5. Access denied

6. Anglo saxon

7. Whitewash

8. Money aint our god

9. Who set the wolves loose

10. Silent war

11. 94 must die

12. I´m alright jack

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