Limited Ahnenblut - Barrikade Edition

Here you have the collectors edition of the new Ahnenblut album, limited to 333 copies. Here you get to hear a bonus track with Sten from FRONTALKRAFT and a cardboard slipcase completes the whole thing. >>> Quote label!

A full 6 years after their last album, the guys from Ahnenblut are once again in position for a musical battle. Clenching the word into a verbal fist, the heroes of bygone days are sung about here, as well as the peculiarities and problems of today. In the usual hard manner, the men from Ahnenblut bang out of the speakers bar by bar and take no prisoners. So this album already stands like a monument, a BARRIKADE! That's also the title of this disc, which is guaranteed to have one or two catchy tunes in store for friends of melodic rock. Phil from FLAK supported them for one song.

A qualitative further development in terms of sound and a 16-page, ingeniously designed booklet rounds off the album! Absolute purchase recommendation!!!

1. Jedes Kämpfen

2. Der Geist der Väter

3. Wenn ein Adler

4. Es ist ein Zeichen (mit Flak)

5. Falsch nenn ich dich

6. Lohnt es sich

7. Barrikade

8. Seine verdammten Ohren

9. In deiner Tafel

10. Brillen, Brillen, gebt uns Brillen

11. Sonnenritter, edle Geister (mit Frontalkraft)

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