Kommando Skin - Alldeutch voran

After 3years since their second album comes here their third fullenght CD. They play a various RAC-rock which is influenced by both Oi! and more metal oriented style. But on the album you also find some fine tuned ballads. Should be something for everyone to like. Mixed lyrics, both german and english.



1. Intro
2. Fuck you all
3. Alldeutsch voran
4. Let's have a good time
5. Freund oder Feind
6. The rebellion
7. Ich bin so wie ich bin
8. Rock 'n' roll white kids
9. Bonzenboogie
10. Am rechten Fleck
11. Keine Kompromisse
12. Sex, drinks and rock 'n' roll
13. A song for the outcast
14. Freiheit
15. Wer Wind st





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