Holsteiner Jungs ‎- Ein Letzter Gruss

On the "Ein letzter Gruß" are all sample contributions that appeared under the name Holsteiner Jungs, as well as demo recordings which were published in part under the name Freikorps, which were also Holsteiner Jungs pieces. It is a total of 13 titles of North German skinhead history, of which 2 titles can be found 2x on the tone carrier each. Also such a peculiarity of ROR, renaming certain titles. In any case, the material was remastered externally and a 12-page booklet was also added. For all friends of the Holstein jungs who do not have to own all the samplers. Note: The track list on the CD is not identical to the track list on the most recently released LP.

1. Sie Haben Es Geschafft

2. Sieger Sein

3. Er Ist Ein Hippie

4. Wir Spielen Für Euch

5. Das Ist Unsere Stadt

6. Wir Sind Noch Jung

7. Tritt In Die Fresse

8. Grün & Blau

9. Aus Dem Norden

10. Parole Spaß (Demo)

11. Wie Ein Tritt (Demo)

12. Silvester (Demo)

13. Feierabend (Demo)

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