Henryk Achtermann - Freiheitslyrik

Freedom poetry is certainly not a "normal" CD production from our company. It is a small but fine volume of poetry immortalized here on a lens. In the enclosed artwork the individual poems have been manifested in beautiful illustrations by Mudhater Design.

Each of the eleven poems was professionally read in the style of an audio book and accompanied acoustically. Five of the poems transformed the gentlemen of blood banners, heretics and germanium into timeless songs - sometimes rock, sometimes ballad.

Freedom poetry brings a breath of fresh air into our ranks and certainly one or the other wrinkle on the forehead of the left-liberal Germanistikdozenten and Feuilleton-Schmfinken. These 16 pieces are neither boring food for old men by the fireplace, nor do they have anything with the gibberish of Kafka and Brecht's hat, with their chafing our children are tormented in German lessons ...

11 of the 16 tracks will be presented as an audiobook, 5

01. Henryk Achtermann - Sprechblasen der Bösredner
02. Henryk Achtermann - Erben und Ahnen
03. Henryk Achtermann - Würstchen im JUZ
04. Henryk Achtermann - Der Dolch
05. Henryk Achtermann - Nahrung Such(t)en
06. Henryk Achtermann - Angelsachsenprotestant
07. Henryk Achtermann - Ausna(h)men
08. Henryk Achtermann - In-Sekten
09. Henryk Achtermann - Werte und Norman
10. Henryk Achtermann - Glorium Victorium
11. Henryk Achtermann - Souell, die Hoffnung
12. Häretiker - Erben und Ahnen
13. Blutbanner - Werte und Norman
14. Germanium - Würstechen im JUZ

15. Häretiker - Angelsachsenprotestant

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