Hallgard - Dem Alten verbunden

Written in 2012:

Published by OPOS Records! After their demo CD a few years ago, the guys from Brandenburg are now back with their first full album! There are 11 songs plus intro, in a mix of RAC and Metal! The voice is reminiscent of many a group from the capital and lyrically the child is called by name! A gloomy, designed 12-page booklet aptly shows the state of our ailing society! In this sense "THE TRUTH MUST BE IN THE LIGHT

01. Intro

02. Die Wahrheit muss ans Licht

03. Das Lied vom Leben

04. Dein Heil - Frei im Geiste

05. Revolution

06. Winkinger

07. Die Zeit ist reif

08. Sturm

09. Bilderberger

10. Landsknechte

11. Alien

12. Neckt

OPOS Records

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