Gegenpol & Thronvolk

The people of Thronvolk and the Gegenpol worked on this recording for a long time, but the wait is worth it. Here comes 11 songs (6 Gegenpol and 5 from Thronvolk) content partly very profound, very thoughtful, but also incredibly determined to work. While Gegenpol sums up the leap to the here and now and the shift in values of our people in a razor-sharp way, Thronvolk spans the entire spectrum from historical sacrifice to today's motivation for an awakening national culture of struggle in body and mind. This results in a coherent, comprehensive overall picture that awakens, reminds, and drives. Should it be a pure performance in the form of a ballad at the beginning, the form has developed a little more rocking during the development. This loosens things up and drives things along well, which is extremely helpful in delivering the content


1. Selbstbild

2. Auf zum schafott

3. Wir stehen fest

4. Protestgeneration

5. Mein lied

6. Für immer


7. Auf die strasse

8. Heldentod

9. Eine träne für mein volk

10. Abgeschmiert aus hu ndert metern

11. Zu pferde

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