The Hoizers - Flieg Adler flieg Digi

May the eagle fly again!

The eagle, which also represents in the national football team what it stands for: Germany!

Not for this woke zeitgeist that tears down everything that made us who we are.

This album, like the last two discs, deals with current topics around football,

such as the external presentation of the national team,

the aftermath of "Corona" or the ever-increasing intervention

of the left-wing establishment in football and the fan scene.

Of course, football is also viewed from a historical perspective:

Fritz Walter, who brought the first World Cup to Germany in 1954

and "Our Emperor" Franz Beckenbauer, world champion as player and coach,

each received an anthem.


As always, "The Hoizers" will be from Category C

and other guest singers (e.g. Pfalzfront)!

1. Pink
2. Für immer jung
3. Einlass für die Ausgesperrten
4. Promoadler
5. Bratwurst gegen Links
6. Geimpft, gerannt, gestorben
7. Allez les noirs
8. Der wahre rote Teufel
9. Stück Scheisse im Trikot
10. Unser Kaiser

Kategorie C

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