Division Germania - Nemesis

This one haven´t been seen for a looong time or at least not in our catalogue. We have received one load and have been promised one more, so the stock is bigger than just a bunch but after the second load arrives so will we most likely not be able to order more. 

Worth to notice is that the booklet (foldable) front cover isn´t the same as the one shown online that one is brighter compared to the one, we sell. We don´t know why but we do know that this is a legit product without fingerprints from the wood legged muppet crew.

01. Der Morgen wird unser sein

02. Wir sind wieder da

03. Die Liste

04. Unser Wort

05. An dem Tag

06. Staatsfeind Nr.1

07. Schone neue Welt

08. National & Sozial

09. Morgen marschieren wir in Feindesland

10. Tribute to ISD

11. Du bist BRD

12. Anti Mars Oper [Radio Mix]

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