Brigade 88 - Flamme der Freiheit

With their CD debut Brigade 88 made a start to measure. Around the battles of past wars, the brigade manages to turn the CD into an entertaining listening pleasure with catchy melodies. Even current topics (Christmas market) are implemented with a lot of wit. The album is varied and never boring. The cover is very lovingly designed with a 20 pages booklet, all texts and many pictures. Who likes melodic RAC, will not miss this album!

01. Division Stählerne Jugend
02. Europa
03. Ein Volk ein Baum
04. Heimattreue
05. Kämpfer früherer Tage
06. Großvater und Enkeltochter
07. Limburg
08. Morgenröte
09. Vater sein
10. Weihnachtsmarkt
11. Stiller Held

12. Früher schon wie heute

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