Der oberberger - Vivere est militare (Digi)

This is the collectors edition wich comes in a digipack which is only made in 333pcs. We only have a handful in stock.

A couple of years ago did Der Oberberger released a split-cd along with Flak and now are they here with a full length album. This album contains a fine mix of rock and rock ballads songs.

1. Intro
2. Cheruskergeist
3. Flammende herzen & rauchende colts
4. Schlangen
5. Wirklichkeitsallergiker (feat Notwehr)
6. Engelskind
7. Frei wart ihr nicht (feat Division Germania)
8. Kassandrarufe
9.Das schwein europas
10. Armer mann
11. Schicksal aufs maul

12. Wer wir waren

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