Berlin Breed - Wir Haben's Gewagt

Here comes the new album by the Berlin band, which is causing quite a stir in the scene thanks to its direct nature. 3 years after their first full album, with a little delay, their second disc is coming, which continues musically where the predecessor ended. In terms of content, one moves in a more diverse way, but without losing sight of the core topic. Especially with titles like “BLM” or “Rettet den Wald” one addresses very current topics and so the link to the songs published so far succeeds quite well.

There are 12 songs on this disc, which heralded by “Aufruf” from the first song make you want more. Twice it is also Anglo-Saxon, which is more right than bad, because the playing style and singing of this band mean that “Manifesto”, for example, is absolutely hymn-compatible and doesn’t need to hide from old English classics. What about the title? Find out with the last song "Schwanengesang" ...

01. Egal

02. Aufruf

03. Rettet den Wald

04. Deutsche Schmach

05. Manifesto

06. Valküre

07. BLM

08. Cuckhold

09. Mein Vaterland

10. Willkommenskultur

11. An die Deutschen Männer

12. Schwanengesang

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