Aryan Brotherhood & D.S.T. - Gift für die Ohren 3 Digi

Here you get the limited (666x) and welded digipack from the Gift für die Ohren 3.

It's been 14 years since part one of the poison series hit the inglorious record of the fastest confiscated CD in right-wing rock history. Part two met the same fate shortly afterwards. The old wounds have healed, the crown straightened and so it happened that the artists decided that all good things come in threes.

Now "Aryan Brotherhood" and "D.S.T." have gone into the studio to play a real monster with "Poison for the ears 3". The musical veterans take nothing and shoot their definition of GERMAN HASSCORE brutally, nasty and ruthless, right in the face.

If you only like shallow ballads or soulful heartbreak topics, you should dive in or put on a helmet.

The 13 songs + intro and "Intermission" really stomp EVERYTHING with a playing time of almost 78 minutes. More is not possible on CD. :)

The text is also delivered mercilessly, just as you know it from the two notorious bands.

An absolute must for fans of Uwocaust and the old men from Berlin, no stone is left unturned.

Strike before the state comes up with stupid ideas and wants to complete the triple.

Aryan Brotherhood

01. Einleitung

02. Morgen

03. Die Achtgroschenmaden

04. Anti-Deutsche Lobbyist

05. Aluhut und Narrebkappe

06. Blutgeld der Ahnungslosen

07. Deine Liebe dein Leben

08. Intermission


09. Topographie des Terrors

10. Gier frisst Hirn

11. Politisch unkorrekt

12. 25 Jahre

13. Man sieht sich

14. Memento mori

Aryan Brotherhood & D.S.T.

15. Gift für die Ohren 3

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