Wits dead end - Not concerned with what you think (digi)


New project from OC and with that said we guess that you already have figured it out that Roy (Final war, Evil inside) are involved and this time is he ivolved to 100% since it is a ""one-man-band ;) Awesome melodic Oi!/Punk rock ‘n’ roll which brings the thoughts back to the glory days of Final war.


01. Famous Last Words   
02. Legend   
03. Life On The Line (The Working Class Blues)   
04. Mindfuck   
05. Optimistic Attempt   
06. All Aboard!   
07. You   
08. This Town   
09. Negligent Procrastination   
10. Thanks Again   
11. There Was A Time…   
12. High And Dry   
13. The Follower   
14. Fading Away




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