Trollfront –Complete trollaction Digi

Doug, the frontman of the Australian band Blood Red Eagle, currently living in the US, committed this musical assassination against politically correct “skinhead” bands. He says it took him an afternoon to write the songs for the album.

The 6 panel digipak CD contains songs from the LP and EP released so far.

Check out a sample here

Go Be Gay Somewhere Else

Oi! Ain’t Dead, Lars Just Ate It

Hardskin Are Ok (If You Like Gay Shit)

Viva Johnny Moore

Josh Grant Is Allergic To Everything

Spiller Is A Dickhead

You Killed Oi! Oi! Music

Skinhead Reunion Love Affair

Symond, The Most Important Skinhead In The World

Seizing The Day

Shark City

Sharky Is A Facebook Snitch

Troll ‘Em All

Jenny Woo Has Got Down Syndrome

Hail The Woo Downs

Dan Buddha’s Therapist

Dan Buddha Is Banned From The Internet

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