The Yardbombs - God bless americouch


Jesse from Deaths head are back with a new project. This time is it raw and dirty punk with a hardcore twist and the lyrics is full of sarcasm about our ""wonderful"" western society etc. Limited to 300x.



01. Democracy is coming

02. Personality disorder

03. Three cheers for a suburban junkie

04. No fucks to give

05. He´s a legend 

06. Cradle to a slave

07. Fatfucks in sweatpants

08. Loose skrews 

09. I like pork

10. I wanna be straightedge

11. Boot print on your face

12. Death to....

13. Necromantic visions

14. Take me back

15. No going back

16. Everbody talking - No body listening

17. The longest time (The yardbombers)




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