The Skinheads come back Vol. 4

Here comes the fourth part of the sampler series. With Brutal Attack, KDF, Open Season, Smart Violence, The Pride, Total Annhilation. There are 13 songs on offer, which come with a very well designed booklet and all of the lyrics. It starts with Smart Violence, who were in the studio for the first time as a whole band and you can hear that. The song “We shit on your world” has become a real hymn and with “Skinheadgirl Warrior” by Warzone Smart Violence deliver the best cover of this piece that currently exists. This is followed by the comrades from KDF from the capital of the Reich. Musically they really delivered two breakers and had a lot to say. “Even if our Berlin is darkened” speaks volumes about the title. Everything fits.

Brutal Attack return to their roots. The sound is positively reminiscent of their old 80s material.

The Sham 69 "Borstal Breakout" cover was, after countless live performances, physically overdue on a sound carrier. Total Annihilation offer two old school pieces in the mid tempo range. And you even sing in German in the chorus. Sound-wise 100% true. That rocks. The Pride finally let the barrel overflow.

If there is one band where every song is a hit in the Oi! Sector, then it is the Belgians from The Pride and their two songs can be seen as the culmination of this compilation without "ifs and buts". The conclusion is made by Jim and the old men from Open Season. You have to know this Australian veteran. Rough, hard direct. No prisoners are made here and so we conclude the fourth part of the skinheads come back sampler. Here you are offered what other bands have no eggs for, or see other labels go their coals. Namely that Oi! Bands like “The Pride” next to seasoned RAC bands like Brutal Attack or Open Season are on a sampler.

Something is slowly happening in the scene.

1. Smart Violence - Dreckige hände

2. Smart Violence - Skinheadgirl warrior

3. Smart Violence - Wir scheissen auf eure welt

4. KDF - Tradition schlägt trend

5. KDF - Wenn unser Berolin auch verdunkelt ist!

6. Brutal Atttack - Borstal breakout

7. Brutal attack - Embers 2020

8. Total annihilation - Old school

9. Total annihilation - Wash out

10. The pride - Won´t go down without a fight

11. The pride - Freedom

12. Open season - Ivory towers

13. Open season - Do you remember

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