Skrewdriver - We've Got The Power (us-import)

Because of customs fees so have we been forced to slightly raise the price. Further, so will we not answer emails a out which version etc. It's probably not that version a collector is looking for so let people who doesn’t have any version in their collection buy it or take a chance.

1. White Power

2. Streetfight

3. Europe Awake

4. Voice Of Britain

5. Built Up Knocked Down

6. Strike Force

7. Blood And Honour

8. I Don't Like You

9. Our Pride Is Our Loyalty

10. Boots And Braces

11. Free My Land

12. Back With A Bang

Bonus Tracks

13. Government Action

14. When The Boat Comes In

15. Smash The I.R.A.

16. Hail The New Dawn

17. Race And Nation

18. Pennies From Heaven

19. When The Boat Comes In

20. Europe Awake

21. Voice In Britain

22. Sick Society

23. Tomorrow Belongs To Me

24. When The Boat Comes In

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