Skrewdriver - The secret recording (us-import)

Because of customs fees so have we been forced to slightly raise the price. Further, so will we not answer emails a out which version etc. It's probably not that version a collector is looking for so let people who doesn’t have any version in their collection buy it or take a chance.

1. Smash The I.R.A.

2. Sick Society (Version One)

3. Shove The Dove (Version One)

4. Voice Of Britain (Version One)

5. Hail The New Dawn

6. R+N

7. Pennies From Heaven

8. W/P

9. Shove The Dove (Version One)

10. Don't Let Them Pull You Down

11. Street Fight (1983 Version)

12. If There's A Riot

13. Midnight Train

14. Soldier Of Freedom

15. Tomorrow Belongs To Me

16. Voice Of Britain (Version Two)

17. Sick Society (Version Two)

18. Europe Awake

19. Voice Of Britain (Version Three)

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