Skrewdriver - The early years (us-import)

Because of customs fees so have we been forced to slightly raise the price. Further, so will we not answer emails a out which version etc. It's probably not that version a collector is looking for so let people who doesn’t have any version in their collection buy it or take a chance.

01. You´re so dumb

02. Government action

03. I don´t like you

04. We don´t pose

05. I Don´t need your love

06. Antisocial

07. Jailbait

08. The only one

09. Gotta be young

10. (Too much) Confusion

11. Streetfight

12. Better off crazy

13. 19th nervous Breakdown

14. Where's it gonna end

15. Won´t get fooled again

16. Unbeliever

17. 9 till 5

18. Backstreet kids 

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