Mortuary - Apokalypse

 From start to finish, there's the musical sledgehammer here. Lyrically, the guys also have something to say and throw themselves up on sick and degenerate humanity. Some guest singers and a cover from Painful Life round off this must-have purchase for every HC / Metal listener! The final highlight is the design, Doomsdaykvlt has earned a medal for this work, the whole thing comes with a fold-out booklet + sticker.


2. Niemals

3. Schweigen

4. [T]error

5. Apokalypse (feat. Fight Tonight)

6. Es ist Krieg

7. Bestie Mensch

8. Aspartamfarm

9. Frei sein

10. Human waste (Painful Life cover)

11. WIR (feat. Fight Tonight, Flak, Painful Life & BTK)

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