In Tyrannos - Schlimmer als die Pest Mediabook

This is the limited edition which comes as a 60 pages mediabook.

Exactly 10 years after the publication of their debut work, GIGI and its old metal-miners present their new concept CD. The result is a musical battle painting beyond compare. From the battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC The peoples of today's Europe had to defend their borders, their culture and their identity time and again in countless bloody battles until the present day. The names of Leonidas, Hermann the Cherusker, Vercingetorix, Karl the Hammer, Andreas Hofer, Winkelried, Prince Eugen and many others are still shining. The band gives them an impressive musical monument from the intro to the end. According to the theme, the music is not quite as fast as it was on the first disc, but it is very anthemic and underlaid with many melodic parts, producing very punchy and technically sound. Professionals are at work on the controllers and instruments. The drummer knows to convince absolutely, the guitars milled into the ear canals and GIGIS tube worried as always the rest. An epic complete work. Into the battle!

01. Vor der Schlacht...
02. Karl der Hammer
03. Spartas Gesetz
04. Defendieret Wien
05. Winkelried
06. Anno neun
07. Barbaricum
08. Rammjagd
09. Langemarck
10. Am achten Tag
11. Vercingetorix
12. Blick auf die Waistatt...

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