Bloodshed - Zum letzten Gruß Digi

Bloodshed? They don't exist anymore ... TRUE! This is where the "Remnants of Bloodshed" got together to finally draw a little "line" to music, just in time for their twentieth anniversary. The remaining founding members return to their musical beginnings with "To the last greeting". Without a lot of frills, down-to-earth and raw, the songs rumble in the ear and thus bridge the gap between the present and the past, as one can still see the sharpness of the text On this MAXI CD there are 3 older pieces as well as new ones, which of course were all freshly recorded together.

The reasons for this MAXI CD can be read in the booklet, because besides the texts and several photos there is a band history of a different kind not to run the risk of, in a touch of nostalgia, talking about the past nicely and being permanently the same r pat on the shoulder, William and Uwocaust found someone outside the story. People sat down and together they looked back over the history of Bloodshed. From this "interview" came an entertaining look back, which not only highlights the pleasant but also some of the unpleasant incidents. With a playing time of almost half an hour and the successful presentation, 6 pages digipack + a 15 page booklet, Bloodshed now say goodbye for good . Everything according to the motto: "from the cradle to the grave / 20 years"!

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1. Resümee

2. Vision

3. Abrechnung

4. Geschichte (Instrumental)

5. Alte Zeiten

6. Opfer

7. Ein letzter Gruß

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