Blood bounded alliance

Really good five-way-split cd with top bands from five different countrys and all bands delivers three top tracks each and to end the whole so have all bands made a track together. Top class cd which you should not miss!


Brutal Attack:

01. Born to win
02. Hero in you
03. Rain it pours


04. Brudervölker
05. European pride
06. Linksfaschist


07. Right - Wing Oi!
08. We share a dream
09. Russian deadline


10. Nem elég (Not enough)
11. Az igazi rémálom (The real nightmare)
12. Mielött meghalok (Before I die)


13. One shot
14. La sentinelle
15. Resistance dans le sang ( Resistance in blood, "OWK" cover)

Blood bounded alliance:

16. Blood bounded alliance

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