Storm - Dikt & Förbannad lögn (single 1 of 5)

Observe: this single is 1 out of 5 for Storms 30 years anniversary limited edition box. This single can also be bought in this box.

Storm 30 years: single 1: Dikt & förbannad lögn (in English: Poem & cursed lie)

We've received many requests over the years, but it's actually one question we've received more times than others: When are you going to release something with Storm?

With a dose of luck and a dose of hard work, we can finally celebrate Storm's 30 years as a band with a great start: Dikt & förbannad lögn. Here's a quote from the title track:

"One-party elections you call "freedom of choice"

Totalitarian state control is "democracy"

Murder, terror and Gulag a bitter reality

Everyone can see where it's going but not you"

Heavy lyrics, in a music that so many of you recognize and love. It's words and no songs when Storm pulls out - just like so many times before!

Delivered in an exclusive eco-pack that includes the texts.

1. Poem & cursed lie

2. It's war

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