Mistreat - Muke solo - Patriotic Tunes III

MUKE, singer of the Finnish RAC legend Mistreat, is now releasing the third part of his solo project. While the previous albums featured poaching in Finnish folk songs, here the lyrics are a bit more serious. In the third part he deals with the historical struggle of the Finnish people with their overpowering Stalinist neighbors and the fight for freedom. Musically, you can expect upbeat rock music like we know and like from the far north. For almost 40 minutes, 12 songs are played around your ears in the local language and anyone who enjoyed the first two parts will grab this one blindly anyway! Anyone else who has missed the Patriotic Tunes series is advised to give it a try! A fine graphic design rounds off the overall impression in a very atmospheric way. As with its predecessors, the release is available in 2 versions - the limited digipak (500 copies) and as a normal CD version! Great thing!

Check out a sample here

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