Grenadier II - Fortress Germania (mediabook limited edition)

Exactly 20 years after the release of the first Grenadier Cd, at that time a project of Fortress, Bound for Glory and final stage, a worthy successor appears. Again, Fortress and many others are part of the party. From Mistreat to Division Germania, Heiliger krieg , Flak, Battalion 500 to Blutbanner  and Paranoid, an attempt was made to create an optimum of contrasts  which succeeded. Each song has several singers involved and makes for a very varied work. You do not need to lose much more words. Listen to the audio sample or order it blind

Release year: 2017

CD 1

01. Against My Will
02. Bekenntnis
03. Defending Europe
04. Don't Be The Ebb
05. Ermordet
06. Great Peasants War
07. Indentity
08. Trutzlied
09. Defenders Of The Faith

CD 2

01. Defending Europe 2
02. Verteidige Die Idee
03. Trutzlied 2
04. Great Peasants War 2
05. Identity 2
06. Commando
07. Another Crazy Night
08. Soldiers

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