White master / Frakass - European storm


Split CD of the Poles of White Master, which is a side-project of White Devils, and the French band Frakass, each being featured with 5 tracks.

White Master bring a professional mix of metal, RAC und some hardcore, very heavy but extremely well performed, very technical, with a lot of variation in the music.


Some of the songs feature female vocals and the last song ""Dla ciebie bede trwac"" is entirely with female vocals, and which is one of the band's softer songs.

Frakass follows right after with much heavier sound than we're used to hear from them: heavy guitars straight away, guitar solos, double bass drum and a sound that is pure RAC-metal, but with clear and understandable lyrics. A good split for all fans of heavy music.


White Master:


01. Powstanie 1944

02. Walcz!

03. Stan Polski Bracie!

04. Gin Czerwony Zdrajco!

05. Dla Ciebie Bede Trwac




06. Orage Dácier

07. No Man's Land

08. Ultima Thule

09. Criminels

10. La Mort Au Tournant




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