The Roisters - In dystopian times

The Greeks offer a mix of heaviness and melody, garnished with lyrics about life and politics on the street. These guys have balls and don't mince their words and there's no way to suck up to them, no matter which way they go. If you were interested in early Discipline, then The Roisters are the right choice! The CD also contains the songs from the debut, so there are a whopping 17 songs on the silver disc! There are only 300 copies of the good part.

1. Fist of iron

2. Katapamenoz

3. Copland

4. Thug'n'roll

5. Back aginst the wall

6. I wo´nt say sorry

7. Problems

8. The skins are back

9. Your reign will fall

Bonus tracks

10. Roisters

11. For the few

12. Ready for war

13. Again from the beginning

14. Me, myself and I

15. Butthurt generation

16. 4Q

17. Outro

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