C.B.A. - Alpine Resistance

Strike THREE - you're out! Liechtenstein's most notorious duo is back on the front. On their third album, C.B.A. kick their trademark blend of rabid oldschool death metal and vicious hatepunk to the next level. Intensified, insensitive and heavier than ever before, ALPINE RESISTANCE delivers a 12-track race along the ruins of society. It’s catchy and mean as fuck, oozing with hostility towards this so-called "modern world" and everything it stands for.

1 Vive le rasoir national!

2 Antisocial Talk

3 Krokodil

4 Batikhäxa

5 Debt Collector

6 Bosozoku Nights

7 GOTH 04:02

8 Deadname Darling

9 San Francisco

10 Vaduz Vigilante

+ two essential bonus tracks!

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