Skrewdriver - White rider

One of the albums that frequently comes up in the discussion about which album is the best Skrewdriver album. This is without a doubt the most profesional album. But if its the best or not will be a never ending topic to discuss forSkrewdriver fans world wide. But this album are going to get many votes thats for sure...

With a clear sound and - as always - topnotch lyrics and vocals its a classic album in the genre of white power music. No one will argue about that.

1. White Rider

2. Where Has Justice Gone

3. Strikeforce

4. Behind the Bars

5. Pride of a Nation

6. New Nation

7. The Snow Fell

8. I Can See the Fire

9. Thunder in the Cities

10. We Fight for Freedom

11. White Warriors

12. Built Up, Knocked Down

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