Sleipnir/Heiliger krieg - Kampfgefährten - LP Sleipnir version

Here is finally the vinyl release of the long-running hit.

The total edition of the vinyl version is 600 copies and there are 2 covers. One is the "Sleipnir" cover, the other is the "Heiliger Krieg" cover.

There are 2 versions of the LP, with the same content, just 2 alternative covers.

A total of 600 copies.

Divided as follows:

Cover Sleipnir: 100 in red - 200 in black

Cover Heiliger Krieg 200 in red - 100 in black

This is the black Sleipnir version

Here is the original review. Very few people expected this one! SLEIPNIR and HEILIGER KRIEG are honored on this split CD! 10 brand new rock hymns, 5 hits from each band will delight your ears. Both bands prove once again on this CD that it is not without reason that they are among the best and most popular combos in Germany! Each formation puts the pedal to the metal in their own unique way! !0 songs, 10 hits! The whole thing comes in a fitting presentation and leaves nothing to be desired! Enough of the words, get the thing!

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