Boots Brothers - Die Sonne wird wieder scheinen LP

For the first time on vinyl! The debut album of the Boots Brothers from Delmenhorst in Lower Saxony, which was released in January 1993, hit like a bomb at that time and catapulted the band abruptly to a level of Störkraft and Endstufe. Störkraft released their "Mordbrenner" EP in 1993 and finally said goodbye, Endstufe shone in 1993 with the "Glatzenparty" album, which was released synchronously as a double LP and CD and the Boots Brothers started with "Die Sonne wird wieder scheinen" in December of the same year. As you could see from the design of the back of the CD, the release of the album was originally planned as an LP. For reasons that are no longer researchable today, however, it did not happen and the production was "only" released on the market as a CD. At that time, by the way, with Sebi on bass, who later caused a sensation with the Oi! band STOMPER 98.

Musically and lyrically the Boots Brothers settled in the usual areas of that time. Catchy melodies were paired with quite simple instrumentation and the typical lyrics of the scene, but with their statements they never leaned too far out of the window, which saved the band a fate, as for example Triebtäter, Radikahl or Störkraft, who in court had to take extremely harsh sentences for comparatively harmless content. At least if you put them in relation to what rappers today can publish in order to get "integration awards" for it...

10 songs with almost 35 minutes playing time. Strictly limited to 499 units, hand-numbered, digitally remastered, only available in black 12 inch vinyl.

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