Dec 27 2017

Update: Security in the shop

When we built the new shop, we had your security as our main focus. Not least because of the unpleasant event that was the reason behind why we actually needed a brand new and fresh shop.

We work hard to give you the safety and security you deserve and today we have refined our security to its edge, by letting you as a costumer have an encrypted stay in the shop. If you have already noticed that the address of the page starts with https, you have already discovered one of the latest in line of updates that make it safe for you to browse the Midgård shop.

HTTPS is used by 5.42% of the total amount of Swedish registered domains, and now Midgård is one of those. Mostly, there are banks, police and other state-owned sites that have certificates for HTTPS, where the highest level of security is needed.

If you want to read more about what makes you more secure by having Midgård shop obtaining HTTPS certificate, you can read more about it here:

Wikipedia on HTTPS