Vit Aggression - Mörker (digi)

An album that many have been waiting for for decades.

If Död åt Zog contained hints of Thrash and Heavy Metal, Mörker still contains those elements, albeit infused with second wave Black Metal.

Legendary VIT AGGRESSION is back from the shadows with an upcoming full-length album.

Wrapped in the mists of Nordic melancholy, 9 auricular blades now gleam in the rays of the Black Sun.

Mörker is a tribute to the frostbitten North and the determination of all men and women who steadfastly have fought for the survival and freedom of the Teutonic people throughout the years.

1. Mörker

2. Werwolf ​

3. På Vikingtåg​

4. Lightbearers​

5. Rider of Nightmares​

6. Oskorei​

7. Revenge​

8. Svart Sol​

9. På Vikingtåg, pt II​

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